"Cool Solutions for Hot Houses"

  • Harfords can offer a wide range of pumps, nozzles and fittings available to suit any greenhouse, from the smallest hobby Greenhouse to the largest commercial operations.
  • Unique compression type fitting means no threading of pipes. Thread tapes and jointing compounds are also a thing of the past.
  • Compression fitting also allows for easy rotation of the nozzles, so they can point where you want them to.
  • No leaks. No drips. The nozzles have a built in anti drip valve.
  • We only use stainless steel pipes- no copper oxides to clog the nozzles.
Fogging Eqipments

On hot, clear days with little or no wind, even the best ventilated Greenhouse will require more cooling than can be achieved with natural ventilation alone. Opening the vents will cool the greenhouse, but it will also lower the relative humidity. Most plants grow best within a limited humidity range of between 65 to 80%. This must be maintained to achieve optimum results.The use of Foggers will serve to cool the air in the greenhouse and maintain relative humidity. In a Fogging System, water is forced through special nozzles at 800 to 1000 pounds per square inch to produce droplets of less than 10 microns in diameter. These droplets immediately atomize into the air and become vapour, drawing latent heat energy from the air, thus cooling the air and raising the relative humidity. As the water droplets immediately become vapour, they cannot wet the plants or other surfaces as misting sprays do.

We suggest placing the fogging nozzles in close proximity to the bottom edge of the Greenhouse roof vents. This is the area where the cooler, heavier air falls into the greenhouse, so it makes sense to further cool this air with the Fogging System. This will also serve to accelerate the rate of ventilation, as the incoming air will become even denser and less buoyant than the hot outgoing air. Using the Fogging System in conjunction with an Energy Screen Material will give you even greater control of all aspects of the greenhouse environment. It is important to use an 'open' type energy screen material, as this will allow the cool air to pass through and replace the warm air below.

Fogging Eqipments
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