"Flexible cost effective Crop Protection"

The Portable Crop Protector© (PCP©) has been developed for the vegetable, flower and young stock rearing market for a low cost.

The design has a wide span of both 6m and 6.5m which allows the maximum amount of plants per square metre. The design of the Harfords PCP© greenhouse has a straight column of between 900mm and 1.2m giving easy access for small tractors right up to the side walls. The PCP© has open sides and open ends and a single skin 200 micron roof. Ends are an optional extra.

The Harfords PCP© is fully portable with a steel peg system anchoring it firmly into the ground.

The design of the structure allows for the covers to be put on the frames when your crop or stock is in need of the cover the most. A simple cliplock system attached to the side purlin has a PVC insert which is easily removed to release the covers and can be reused for the next season, thus saving on cover wear.

The frames are fully galvanised steel and will last a life time, and the covers as supplied have a 45 month warranty against UV breakdown.

This structure is the latest in the Harford's Range and is proving to be very popular in many ways

  1. Keeping rain off at critical points
  2. Low cost for higher returns
  3. Getting jump on other growers with earlier crops
  4. Versatile usage
  5. Getting jump on other growers with earlier crops
  6. Getting jump on other growers with earlier crops

Other Applications

  • Calf Rearing
  • Calf Pens