"Crop Mate Powered Picking Trolley"

Chassis Specifications

  • Overall length 1250mm (including bump stops)
  • Overall width 570mm
  • Wheelbase 910mm
  • Wheel track designed to run on 50mm NB pipes set at 450mm centres
  • Wheel type steel flanged, boss diameter 80mm, flange diameter 200mm

Sideways Movement Wheels

  • 50mm dia rubber
  • Lever operated to lift steel wheels 25mm off floor
  • Specially designed so that both sets of wheels move outwards on lift to a width of 548mm
  • This gives max stability when machine is being moved sideways

Deck Specifications

  • Overall length 1075mm
  • Overall width 400mm
  • Minimum deck height (measured from rail height) 550mm
  • Maximum deck height 1600mm
  • Radiused corners to avoid plant damage
  • Standard deck available on request
  • Electric deck adjustment available on request
  • Control box moves with deck
  • Deck material, aluminium treadplate

Drive System

  • 24 volt, 220 watt PM motor with integral worm drive reduction box
  • Chain drive to front axle
  • Automatic electric park brake with switched or manual override.

Operating Features

  • Foot switch on deck floor
  • Control panel mounted on post which incorporates the following features
  • Ignition switch
  • Max speed selection rotary potentiometer
  • Forward/Reverse switch
  • Battery low light

Electrical Features

  • 2 40 Ah fully sealed batteries (larger capacity on request)
  • Separate battery charger (to comply with electrical regulations)
  • 100 AMP DC speed controller with fully programmable functions (E.g. man speed forward/reverse, max acceleration/deceleration etc)
  • Reverse beeper
  • Battery charger plugged inhibit feature
  • Automatic fault diagnostic unit
  • (In the unlikely event of the machine developing a fault the battery low light will flash a number of times – the number of flashes will allow us to identify the fault)

Special Features

  • The Harford Greenhouse Vehicle has a fully dip galvanised chassis
  • There is no metal to metal rubbing surfaces
  • All bearings are no maintenance nylon bushed and the deck runs on nylon wheels
  • Special design features as required
  • Colour options to suit company image, all coloured parts are powder coated
  • NZ design
  • NZ made
  • NZ parts
  • NZ service