Crop Topper

"Simple Cover to Protect Your Valuable Crop"

A cost effective alternative in plastic covered hoop structures, developed from the Budget Span, this model removes the crop support option to give a clear 23 feet (7 meters) span. The Crop Topper has been engineered so that the strength is in the heavy duty posts, allowing a post height of up to 6 feet 10 inch (2.1 meters) ideal for fitting windbreak or shade cloth to the sides. The centre of the house rises up to an impressive 12 feet 5 inch (3.8 meters) giving plenty of air over your valuable crop.

Harford's patented unique modular system allows the bay to grow lengthways in multiples of 9 feet 10 inch (3 meters) and widthways in 23 feet (7 meters) spans.

Crop Toppers are fabricated from galvanised high tensile steel with the one-piece hoop design offering superior strength. Harford's only use premier covering materials 200 micron thick, wide one-piece rolls and AVA polymers to ensure long life and the best growing conditions.

Erecting the Crop Topper is easy!

Harford's patented sleeve connection means simple on site construction saving time and money. Professional Harford trained teams are also available to arrange a fast, precise, low cost service.


  • Proven performance based on many years use in the field
  • Modular construction ensures low cost growth
  • Large walk-in galvanised gutters to carry away the strongest rain
  • Wind break sides and open ends as standard offer maximum ventilation to your crop
  • Side winders, covered ends and doors as options offer true versatility
  • Fully galvanised steel frame to give a long life
  • Top quality 200 micron plastic film fully guaranteed
  • Heavy duty steel posts engineered to withstand the worst elements
  • Simple kit-set construction makes on-site assembly easy
  • Unbeatable value per square foot
  • Non snow loaded

Options Include

  • Twin Skin Covers
  • Fixed Plastic Sides
  • Side winder half or full roll up sides
  • fully enclosed ends with sliding doors

Standard Specifications

Size: Truss span 7 meters. Gutter connected multi-bay. Length modules: 3.00m Height 2.20m or 3.00m.

Truss Profile: 42mm Galvanised steel hoop top, straight sides. Galvanised steel RHS legs.

Covers: 200mu or 150mu greenhouse films. 45 month UV breakdown warranty. Single skin.

Plastic Fixing: Harford Cliplock, two piece fastening reusable insert. Roll and batten to gutters.

Ventilation: Open sides. Fixed sides, fan ventilation. Sideroller full side or half side. Gable end vents.

Automation: Single phase gearmotor to siderollers. Temperature, wind, humidity and rain control.

Doors: One, two or three meters openings at any location.

Construction: Concrete footing, usually 1200mm deep. All steel framing sleeve connected.

Supply: Kitsets available ex factory Christchurch 8051 or Auckland. Full construction service by Harford contractors. Casual assistance during construction available.